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Monday, 1 June 2015

Coriander Chilli and Lime Pesto

In the food rich area of North London I live in, herbs are in plentiful supply and very cheap. And they don't come in those puddly little packets like the supermarkets supply, they come in very big bunches.

But, after having made a rather interesting curry the night before I found myself with a sizeable quantity of coriander and not much idea of what to do with it. 

Initially I thought I'd have another stab at carrot and coriander soup. But just like when I try to make stir fry, I find this usually ends up as a tasteless mess. 

Looking through several cookbook indexes brought me to pesto. But once again, many of the 'vegetarian' cookery writers kept on banging on about Parmesan - cheese that is so definitely NOT suitable for vegetarians that The Vegetarian Society has gone to the trouble of producing warning cards for people to give to chefs in order to disabuse them of their illusion.

So, I decided to have a play on my own.  I put all my coriander into my Nutribullet blender and whizzed it up with some olive oil. Having said that, next time I shall simply chop the leaves.  Then I added in some Chilli flakes until I got the right 'kick' followed by some lime, again until I got the balance right.  Then I added some chopped walnuts and grated in some extra mature cheddar. 

After a bit more playing round with the Chilli and Lime and seasonings, I gave it to my housemate for a final taste test. She was very impressed! Boil up some pasta, poured it over and there you go, a really nice tasty meal, garnished with a few cherry tomatoes too. 

Give it a try!