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Monday, 4 May 2015

A tale of two gadgets

Most of the time my diet is almost entirely vegan, but I do like my eggs. 
I do try to limit how many eggs I eat a week to just two, although this week I have eaten more. But then again, I have done at least three cycle journeys this week of at least 30 miles in length, so I've needed the protein.

For health reasons, it's probably better to poach my eggs rather than fry them. But poaching eggs can be quite a messy business. That's why I mostly for the easier option which is to fry them in light oil. 

Now, a frying pan doesn't normally count as a gadget as such. However this one does. That's because it's one of those new 'super' ceramic frying pan that all the television shopping channels constantly rave about.

I have tried using ceramic pans in the past. But they've been very cheap ones that have not worked very well. So recently I decided to spend a little bit more money and buy a ceramic frying pan that was endorsed by a couple of celebrity chefs.

One of the great claims made about ceramic frying pan this is that they are completely non-stick. On the television shows they are often demonstrating them by frying eggs without any oil.

I would love to know how they do that trick, because every time I have tried frying an egg in a ceramic frying pan without using any all and it has always stuck firmly to the bottom of the pan.

And the video below shows, even when I have used oil, the pan has still not performed very well at all.

So as far as frying eggs goes, ceramic frying pans are not all they're cracked up to be - if you'll pardon the pun!

Yesterday I spent 3 pounds on a new gadget. It's the one on the rightin the top picture. It's called a microwave egg poacher.

Like all children, as soon as I got this new toy home I wanted to play with it. So I did. And it works!

All you do is pour some water into the bottom red trays. You don't need much, just enough to cover the bottom of the trays, then you put the lid on and put it in the microwave oven for 60 seconds on full power. When that's done take it out of the oven open the lid and crack two eggs into the water trays.

Now put the lid back on and put the trays back in the microwave, this time for 45 seconds on full power. When that's done simply leave the eggs to stand in the trays for 30 seconds. Then take them out of the microwave, open the lid and there are two perfectly poached eggs!

This gadget is virtually non-stick so the eggs slide out very easily with a little bit of help from a slotted spoon. Best of all this gadget is wiped clean and washed in soapy water. There are no stains and no marks, which is more than can be said for that ceramic frying pan. If you look very closely at the picture of it you will see around the handles that there is some staining. 

So it's poached eggs all the way for me from now on. And as for that so-called nonstick frying pan, well that's on its way to the scrapyard!