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Saturday, 20 October 2012

More Tools of My Trade

One of the effects of being a 'food head' is that I love buying new toys.

Let me loose in a branch of Whisk or better still, the Selfridges Cook Shop and I could easily spend a fortune. That said, I do try and only purchase things I'll use regularly.

Now, you'll notice  I don't write much about salads on this blog. The simple reason for that is that for a single man like me, its often cheaper to buy a decent ready-made one. 

When I do make a salad, its usually a hearty beast of an affair, very rustic and much influenced by the Greek/Turkish culture of the area. I will usually make two, one to eat and one to take to work for lunch.

This tool on the right is a salad knife. It's made of plastic and had quite a sharp edge to it. I use it for cutting green salad vegetable like celery and lettuce. When you cut these with a steel knife they oxidise, leaving you with brown edges on the cuts, which doesn't make for a very appetising salad the next day. I think this cost me about a fiver and it comes into its own on those days when I have to do cooking for lots of people.

The other tool is a more recent purchase. Like the garlic press, its from Joseph Joseph and costs about eight quid. It's a kitchen spoon that doubles as a small colander. Its terrifically versatile and cuts down the number of tools needed for cooking.

It's also very heat resistant, so there is no problem using it in frying either. These two tools are very cheap, but much used and a handy addition to any kitchen.