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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Curry in a Hurry

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been having a few 'store cupboard days'.

These are days when I attempt to cook a meal made entirely from the masses of 'stand by' ingredients I have at home.

One of those ingredients is soya mince. Some brands of soya mince can taste like twists of wallpaper that has dried out after being pasted. But a certain store specialising in frozen food do rather a good one.  The standard bag of it goes a surprisingly long way, so there is always some left. Now, you can do anything with it, but in this case, I am going to knock up a quick curry. And though the recipe calls for an apple, right about now I have Conference pears in my garden and I used them instead,

100g of Soya mince,
1 decent sized onion chopped,
2 cloves of garlic chopped,
1 apple peeled and chopped,
2 tablespoons of oil,
1 large bayleaf,
2 tablespoons of curry powder,
Tea spoon of Garam Masala,
Chilli powder (optional and to taste),
500 ml of hot water,
Stock cube,
Salt, Pepper,
Lemon Juice.

Fry the onion and apple (or pear) in a pan for 5 minutes.  Then chuck in the bayleaf, garlic and spices. Give it all another 3 minutes.

Now pour in the soya mince and swirl it all round so that it gets covered in oil. Now add the water and stock cube and bring everything to the boil.  Now, stick a lid on the pan and turn the heat right down to simmer and give it the occasional stir.

Give it about half an hour and while that is happening get a pan with some salted water on and boil up a goodly sized portion of pre-fluffed white rice (Bevelini do a superb one).

By the time the rice is ready the water should have all been take up by the soy mince. If you want the mic a bit thicker, turn the heat up and boil some of the liquid off. Season to taste with the salt pepper and lemon juice. Remove the bay leaf and serve on top of the rice.

Normally, you would serve this with mango chutney, but I bought a stunning apple and fennel chutney from Harringay Market a few weeks ago that went brilliantly with this dish.

Sorry, I know I should have put a picture up, but since I wolfed it down, there wasn't time!  Enjoy!