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Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Diet Starts Tommorrow!

Harringay Food Market is quickly turning into my place of choice for a Sunday brunch.

Though I had another Japanese Pancake (called an Ikonomiyaki I think) that was even yummier than last week's one, I did try a couple of other things.

At Katee's Cakes, I had the last slice of a dark chocolate sponge that was as bouncy as a trampoline and had a taste that can only be described as perfect. Opposite the Hello Kitchen stall was a woman selling cup cakes. She also had on sale chocolate lollies, and though I was fully stuffed, I just could not resist one.  I was so nice that though I actually dropped a bit of it on the floor, I picked it up and polished it off!

I bought some organic spuds, red onions and mushrooms as well, which I will combine with some veggie sausages to make a nice tasty dinner.  And, next time I visit, I am determined to try the Britalian offering as well as all the other veggie options that are available.

The other thing I bought (from Boots) was a can of Slim Fast Powder, because I shall have to take it a bit easier during the week so that when Sunday comes, I can stuff myself again!