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Sunday, 22 July 2012

A Japanese Breakfast

Just had the yummiest breakfast in a very long time.

It was a Japanese pancake from Hello Kitchen.  It's made of a thick pancake mix with shredded cabbage. This is then griddled and in my case was topped with a spicy tex-mex vegetable mix, grated cheese, a few tasty sauces and a fried egg.

The end result is a thick, chewy but smooth pancake with all sorts of lovely flavour surprises in it. Took me ages to get through it and it was washed down with a superb black coffee that had a serious bite to it. At £4.50 including the egg, it was good value too.

This and lots of other veggie goodies can be found at the new Harringay Food and Art market that has recently opened up near my home.

Based at North Harringay Primary School, the market stands out from similar offering because it focuses on PRODUCED foods rather than just produce.  As well as the pancake and coffee, I also brought an obscenely delicious chocolate chip cookie from another stall as well as a carrot and thyme pie, and a cherry pie that looks to die for!

The other reason this market works so well is because it has a twist on the traditional 'farmers market' model in that there are also stalls from local art and craft producers. Indeed, I will soon be exhibiting there with my photographs.

As a local, the biggest thing that impresses me about this new market is the way it has created a whole new social space, particularly for young families with small children. It runs every Sunday between 11 and 3 and as the photo below shows, it is an ideal place to spend a chilled out Sunday morning.