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Monday, 9 April 2012

Stoking up on Stokey


Been rather busy of late and not had time to post. But that doesn't mean I've not been cooking lots of different things.

I found a lovely little Angela Hartnett recipe the other day for Pasta with Purple Sprouting Broccoli that was yummy. The recipe is here.

I have also knocked up a nice lentil based Shepherd's Pie as well as a very interesting stuff cabbage 'cake' which would be very nice as a starter.

The cookbook collection has also been added to. I reckon that what with the ones I have here and the ones in storage, I must be getting close to 100 vegetarian cookbooks. My most recent post was the Stoke Newington Vegetarian Cookbook.

Though it is in one of London's 'poorest' boroughs, Stoke Newington is known as the Chiswick of North London, as the area is full to bursting with  young up and coming couples, who are 'something in the city' or work in the media. The local recreational space is Clissold Park, which is SERIOUS 'yummy mummy' territory where one has to dodge jogging parents shoving their off-spring before them in those oh-so-trendy three wheeled runners prams. 

The book is written by owner of the cafe and the park and the proprietor of a local cook shop.. There are some very interesting recipes in it, most of which are very simple, including this tasty little breakfast number that can be knocked up in under ten minutes. You could even cook it out in the open on a camp fire. The original recipe just had eggs, bread and seeds, but I have enhanced it a bit.

Eggy Bread with Sesame Seeds for two. 

2 or 3 Free Range Eggs
4 slices of bread. Burgen's seed bread works well with this. 
Cup of sesame seeds
Oil for frying
(and now for my bit).
1 large or 2 -3 cherry tomatoes, sliced,
2 mushrooms, sliced,
Basalmic Vinegar or Vegetarian Worcester Sauce,
Salt and Pepper. 

Beat the eggs in a shallow dish and season. Soak a slice of slice of bread on both sides with egg mix. Now, transfer the bread to another shallow dish and the sesame seeds in. Cover one side of the bread with seeds. Thickly slice the tomatoes and press them into eggy bread and give it a quick splash of either the balsamic vinegar or vegetarian worcester sauce Then pour over the sesame seeds on this side too.

Heat the oil until its smoking in the pan and cook on both sides until golden brown. Transfer to kitchen paper and quickly pat them down. Slice and serve with salad and some HP Sauce thats been chilled in the fridge.

To make this into a nice little lunch, serve on a bed of rocket and some pickled cherry peppers and sliced tomatoes.