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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Bog Standard Cafes

Though there are plenty of specialist vegetarian restaurants about, the one thing we do miss out on is the ‘bog standard’ café. In these places, you get either egg or cheese, and you can’t always be sure that any cooked dish has been kept away from meat products.

Because of that, I was very pleasantly surprised to come across the Manhattan Bagel Company in Holloway.

In addition to the usual choice between ‘egg or cheese’ they had a number of proper vegetarian savouries. The spinach borek was very tasty as were the vegetable pasties and somosas. Their cakes are nice too and all are made with vegetable oil.

Price wise, they were about right for a standard café and its just the sort of place you’d want to go for to buy a few snacks for lunch or to have a quick bite to eat on your way somewhere.

As you would expect from such a place, the décor is pure working class, but hey, that’s all you need when you need a meal and a drink in a hurry. Nice place.