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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Two local (Hot and Cold) food stars

Recent visits to the Green Lanes Food Festival and the Alexandra Palace Farmers market have bought to my attention two pretty amazing local producers. 

Now, before I tell you about them, I must say that I discovered them and not the other way 
round. There's no product placement going on here! I don't tell them what I am doing until after I have tasted their products and I never ask for free samples or anything like that. 

Bim's Kitchen
Bim (pictured below) makes African inspired sauces based on family recipes right here in Green Lanes. 

Now, the last time I tasted an African sauce it scarred the inside of my mouth. And whilst its true that some of Bim's sauces are pretty ferocious, others are a lot more subtle. You'll see Bim most Sunday's at Alexandra Palace and the next time you go down to Cornwall, pop into Rick Stein's, because Bim has recently become one of his suppliers.

As is well known, I go down to that part of Cornwall an awful lot and it will be rather nice to see products on sale down there that are 'on the street where you live'. Well done Bim. 
Further information about Bim's products can be found at
Sophie's Ice Cream
Prior to meeting Bim, the last time I tasted an African sauce was at the Masterchef Live show.  This was the one that was so hot that the only way I could cool down was by visiting an ice cream stall and getting a free sample. 

Now, nothing like that happened to me when I happened across Sophie at the Green Lanes Food Festival - it was just that I fancied an ice cream. So, I bought a little tub and wandered off and started eating it. 

I came back a few minutes later and commented that it was most unusual to have a chocolate ice cream that actually tasted of chocolate! It really was one of the nicest ice creams I have had in years. 

Well, then I got chatting to Sophie (above) and it turns out that she is based in Crouch End and Green Lanes had been the furthest place she had traveled to sell her goods. She is another truly local producer. She only sells in a couple of Crouch End shops, but can do orders for parties. 

I would say that next time you need some decent ice cream you should forget those 'luxury' brands and try something special thats locally produced.  Sophie can be contacted on 07792 217 118 or by email on