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Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Food Shops of Green Lanes

The idea for this blog came out of a comment I posted on Facebook. "I really ought to write a recipe book,” I wrote. Quick as a flash, my mate Ashley wrote back "Start with a blog and then turn that into a recipe book". Taking his advice, I made my first posting just over a year ago.

I've got a few followers and get a good few hits each week. I am in the UK Food Bloggers Association and am featured on harringayonline, the local community website. But while I don't yet have quite enough material for a recipe book, I have been gathering material for a related project.

The Food Shops of Green Lanes will be a guide to the marvellous food shops in my area. Here is an extract from the introduction "There is a 1.5 mile stretch of a road in the supposedly ‘deprived’ borough of Haringey along which shoppers can buy ingredients from every cuisine in the world."

The area of Green Lanes I am covering is between Manor House and Wood Green. There are THIRTY THREE food shops on that stretch. What is particularly interesting about them is that every one of them has a unique product.

I started the research for the book in June. A couple of Sundays ago, I walked the length of the road and took details of all the shops. For the last two Saturdays I have been in my local library writing up the introduction.

The aim is to have the book ready for the Harringay Food Festival on the 18th September. I’ll publish it myself as an e-pub and will also sell a few hard copies too. It’s an interesting project, not least of all because of all the historical stuff that is coming out of the research. Oh, and just to keep Ashley happy, it will have recipes in it. But it won’t be a recipe book, OK!