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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Cheese on Sticks

So, in the office, we decided to have a picnic on Saturday and we were all asked what we would bring.

"Well" I said, "Can't do much, but how abou
t that old 1980's party food, cheese on sticks? "OK" said the office manager.

So there I am at 7.30 on Saturday morning nipping round the supermarket. I am only looking for cheese because they do the best range. The fruit and veg to go with it, I can get from the local shops.

Bimble back home to have coffee and watch Saturday Kitchen. Not a lot happens in my house on a Saturday until Saturday Kitchen i
s over and done with.

Suddenly, I find time is running away with me, so I hit the kitchen with the above ingredients. Cheese on sticks? Yeh, right!

Cutting and snipping away, I soon have a foil covered grapefru3it with lots of different flavours. This is the end result. Not bad, I think you will agree.