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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Egg Fried Rice

I remember paying a fiver for this once and thinking 'I could make this for pennies'.

So, lets try it and this is based on a frozen version I saw in a supermarket once.

1 Cup of Rice
3 eggs,
1 onion,
Clove of garlic,
1 mug of frozen peas,
Tiny pinch of chilli powder,
Pinch of tumeric,
Chopped flat parsley,
Half a teaspoon of garam masala,
Two tablespoons of oil,
Salt and Pepper.

Boil the rice and when its half done put the frozen peas in to cook.

Chop the onions and fry them in one table spoon of oil. After about 5 minutes add the garlic and spices, season and give everything another minute or two before taking everything out and putting it on a plate.

Beat the eggs and cook them as a flat omlette in the pan with the other tablespoon of oil.

Drain the cooked rice and peas and add them to the pan together with the onion in and spices.

Turn the heat t0 maximum and stir fry quickly. When its nice and hot, stir in the parsley and check the seasoning before serving.

You can have this as a side dish but I often use it as a lunch or evening meal by bulking it out with some fried mushrooms and a bit of salad on the side.

Vegans can replace the egg with some thinly sliced fried tofu. Nice and easy, tasty, filling and the amounts given here are enough for three and the total cost is about 70 pence.