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Saturday, 28 May 2011


I suppose that being a vegetarian food blogger, my breakfast OUGHT to consist of something like organic muesli, macrobiotic yoghurt, gluten free rye bread and herbal tea - but it doesn't.

I've tried having cereals for breakfast, but I find myself starving by ten, whereas if I have a proper breakfast it'll do me all day. Of course, the creature munchers always say the one thing they'd miss is a 'proper' breakfast if they went veggie. So tell me what's not proper about this one.

This morning, I got down to Yasar Halim just as the flatbreads were coming out of the oven. They were still so warm I could have taken them back and used the as a bed warmer. One huge great loaf for just 70 pence.

Then, into the grocery section for some eggs. The cheapest 'value' eggs cost you 99 pence for six in a supermarket. YH sells half a dozen large eggs for 79 pence. I had some mushrooms left over from a risotto I'd made earlier in the week and some cheese.

The biscuits you can see are little gems. They are chocolate stars surrounded by shortcake, absolutely gorgeous and another little bargain at 49 pence. I've never seen them anywhere other than YH and I love Coffee came from Iceland, Red Mountain at £1.00 a jar. Its good strong coffee with a solid taste.

So all I did was slice the bread and spread it with some olive oil spread and Vegemite. Next I added a thin slice of strong cheddar. I sautéed the thinly sliced mushrooms and spread them over the top. I poached the eggs because thats the way I like them. They were added to the mix and seasoned with salt and a good spot of black pepper. The biscuits I have afterwards with the coffee.

I am sure the health conscious will have a flying fit about this breakfast, but let me tell you, there's no better way to start the day than with a good old fashioned 'heart attack'.

It'll certainly set me up for my walk later today with the local food foraging group. They go out once a month round the local area looking for edible wild plants. They are meeting today outside The Castle Climbing Centre at 2.00. Come along and give it a go.