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Saturday, 30 April 2011

The £20.00 Challenge

'5 family meals for £20.00' claims the leaflet from my local supermarket.

Listing five meals for that will feed a family of four, the leaflet gives a list of ingredients that totals just under £20.00. Needless to say they are all meat and fish dishes.

Not surprisingly, all of the items listed must be bought from the store - and thats where they get you! Trouble is, most people don't shop around. If they did round where I live, they'd save a lot of money.

One recipe calls for free range eggs at £2.99 a dozen from the supermarket. The same eggs at the independent at the bottom of my road cost a quid less. The frozen peppers can be replaced by two fresh ones which would cost about 75p locally as opposed to £1 from the supermarket. Now take out the meat and substitute it with a vegetarian alternative and the costs start to plummet.

So, my challenge this week will be to create vegetarian versions of the recipes but for ONE or Two people and see how much they cost. Can I beat £20.00? I think so!