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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Warning! This bread is (highly) ADDICTIVE!

This morning, I brought this loaf from the fantastic Yasar Halim's on Green Lanes.

Its a simple and perfectly seasoned white bread shot through with chopped black olives - and it tastes amazing!

I have to be VERY careful when I buy this bread because I can easily eat a whole loaf in a single sitting.

This morning, I toasted a couple of slices, buttered them and poured over some eggs scrambled with mushrooms, cheese and fresh parsley. What a breakfast!

If this bread were on sale in one of those fancy 'artisan' bakers in Chiswick or Borough Market, I shudder to think what they'd charge for it. In fact, I ought to buy a few loaves every Sunday morning and take them to a 'farmer's market'. Even if I paid the full retail price Yasar Halim asks, I could still double my money.

A wonderful loaf of bread and one of the great joys of living in this part of London is that so-called 'luxury' breads like this are available at the unbelievably low price of £1.60 a loaf.