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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Two meals - 60 Pence

Without a doubt, the best thing about living in this part of London is that cheap and top quality vegetables and ingredients are everywhere.

So the other night I had an idea. I knew I had some stuff at home, but I fancied the idea of cous cous and mushrooms because its a combination I like. Now, the really nice thing about round here is that you can only as much as you need. No super sized packs of veg to go to waste here.

So off I bimble to the bottom of the street and buy one large red onion and half a dozen decent sized mushrooms. Total cost, 60 pence. I come back and slice and dry fry the mushrooms in order to bring the liquid out of them. in the meantime, I chop the red onion and also soak the cous cous in just enough water to cover it.

When the mushrooms are producing lots of liquid I turn them off I take out half the mushrooms and split off half the onion because an idea has just occured to me.

I chuck on a bit of pasta and then stick the cous cous into the mushroom pan, stir it round so it soaks up all the liquid whilst giving it a bit of a warm up. I then turn the heat off and stir in the red onions and a handful of chopped up coriander leaves that I had in the fridge. Finally, I grate a bit of cheese over the top. Simple - but dead yummy when served with a bit of flat bread.

The pasta is now ready, so I drain it. I had half a jar of Jamie Oliver pasta sauce in the fridge (one of the few sauces that I will buy because its super quality). I stir this into the pasta and throw in the rest of the mushrooms and coriander leaves. Finally, I turn off the heat and stir in the red onions.

I then tip everything into a sealable food box and top it with grated cheese.

The cous cous tastes lovely for my evening meal and the pasta lunch the next day is equally great. Not bad for less than a quid really is it?