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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Back Again!

Sorry, been off line for a while. I have been moving, settling into a new job and all that kind of stuff.

The area of London I now live in is a vegetarian paradise! I can do 90% of my food shopping at the independent grocers at the end of my street because its far cheaper than a supermarket and much better quality.

Take a look at this tray. It's big isn't it? Now look at the size of the Turkish flat bread I put on it. This was still warm when I got it and was covered in sesame and poppy seeds and tastes amazing.

Now, I feel sure that if one went into one of those fancy 'artisan' bakeries in Chiswick or Borough Market, they'd probably touch you for at least £2 for this loaf, though I fancy it would be nearer £3. Worse than that, it would probably have been made in a factory miles away.

This one was made on the premises (it was still warm when I bought it at 5 this evening) using natural ingredients. These loaves have to be eaten within a day of buying them because as they have no preservatives in them they go stale very quickly. Oh and it cost 70 pence! Yeh, thats right. You heard me SEVENTY PENCE! The food of the gods for under a pound - how good is that!

Some of the bakers round here (and there are quite a few of them) sell a half sized one for 40 pence. The other night I brought one of them from one of the bakers thats about a mile from my home. I had a little nip of it when I got it out of the shop and that was it. By the time I'd walked home I'd eaten the lot!