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Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Sorry its been so long, but its been out of my control. I am back now though and raring to go!

Now, when you go into a meat eating place, the vegetarian option is usually a mushroom risotto. They will usually charge you around 8 - 10 quid for this, but yet it costs pennies to make.

So, try this.

Mushroom Risotto for One

5 or 6 Organic Chestnut Mushrooms
20 grams of Arborio Rice
1 Vegetable Oxo Cube dissolved in 500 mls of hot water
1 small onion
2 cloves garlic
50 grams grated Mature Cheddar
150 Ml of white wine or a tablespoon of lime or lemon juice if you don't want alcohol.
Olive Oil

Chop the onion finely. Before you do so, put a tablespoon of good quality olive oil into a pan and heat it.

Drop the onions in and give them a good stir, getting them soft without burning them.

Drop your rice in and coat it with the oil.

Next add your garlic and let it cook for no more than a minute.

Now, chuck in the wine and let it fizz and boil over the rice until its all gone

Start to add the stock, a bit at a time.

Keep stirring and adding stock until the rice is nearly done.

At this stage add in the sliced mushrooms and give everything a good stir

Add any remains of stock and then let is all gently boil down. Stir it all the time.

Just before the end, lob in the cheese and give it a good stir. Season to tastes.

When that is done, pour onto plats and serve with a green side salad and a thick slice of lightly toasted olive bread.

This recipe involves a bit of alchemy. BUT, when you get it right, you will get it sooooo right that people will just pull every last bit off the plate.