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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

At least doctors can bury their mistakes.

Me, I had to eat mine.

Now, I don't know where I got this idea from - but it perfectly demonstrates that even the best of cooks sometimes get it wrong.

But, unlike the doctor, we can't bury our mistakes - WE HAVE TO EAT THEM!

Well, the idea seemed sound. Basically, take some wild mushroom tortellini, cook it and surround it in a wild mushroom sauce.

Trouble was, somewhere along the line, I got it all jumbled up and the picture above shows the mess I made.

If that were not bad enough - I forgot that I had the garlic flat bread in the oven.

It was only supposed to be in for about 8 minutes, but ~I forgot about it and the picture on the right is the end result. It looks like the surface of the moon! Oh well, never mind eh!

Well, the tortellini actually tasted ok, but the bread was solid an inedible.

So, despite the disaster, that was my dinner tonight. I think tomorrow, I shall be cooking my signature dish - Eggs with Peppers. Hopefully, I will have better luck. But at least I am willing to have a go at different things. Perhaps thats why it it right far more times than I get it wrong.

Such is the life of a foodie!