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Sunday, 10 January 2010

The bargain of a liftime?

So anyway, there I was......
It was Saturday afternoon at the Cuffley Scouts Jumble Sale. I was helping out, but we'd opened for business and the crowds had come rushing in.
"No, its too much" said the woman. "Will you take a pound for it?".
"I'm only asking for £3.00 for it" said the woman on the stall.

As soon as I looked across and saw what the argument was about, I reached for my wallet. I took out a £5.00 note and gave it to the stall holder. "Don't worry about the change my dear" I said and grabbed the box.

The box contained a brand spanking new Le Creuset 22cm casserole pot, still in its box. A day or so later, I checked out the John Lewis website to see how much I COULD have paid for it. I think I got a bargain!