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Monday, 2 November 2009

West Country Winter Stew

So I'm back now. It's Monday evening and its darned cold outside.
I'm back from school around 6 and wondering what to do for dinner. So I think, West Country Winter Stew!

Now, I got this recipe from a West Country cookbook I brought from the little bookshop in Wadebridge a couple or years ago. Since then, I have adapted it - as one does with all recipes to make it my own.

Let's start with the basic ingredients. Have a look at the picture above.

We've got an onion, some spuds, a turnip, a parsnip, a quarter of a swede, a couple of large carrots and some salt and pepper. We've also go some lentils and a pack of Osem's vegetable soup. Now, I usually use Telma Stock Cubes. You'll find these in the Kosher section of most supermarkets, but this time, they did not have any, so I used the Osem's instead. Finally we have some mixed herbs, bay leaf, Salt and Pepper and some Coleman's Mustard Powder.

So peel and chop the veg into large chunks. The trick is to chop the veg into lumps according to the time they take to cook. Thus, the swede is smaller than the potatoes but larger than the carrots, etc, etc.

Now, melt some butter and oil in a large pan. Sling in the chopped onion. Sweat it for a minute of two then add in the rest of the veg and sweat them too for about 5 minutes.

Finally, chuck in the lentils and some water and then pour in the soup mix, bay leaf and mixed herbs. Cover and simmer until the vegetables are all cooked, but not mushy. You will have to stir it from time to time to stop the lentils from sticking. You'll also have to add water once in a while too.

Just before the veg is finally cooked, stir in a couple of tea spoons of mustard powder. Season to taste and at this point, you might want to add the slightest slash of lemon juice just to lighten things a bit.

When its all done, scoop into soup bowls and enjoy a rich comforting winter stew that is totally moreish! I'll have some this evening and I'll also stuck some in a container and take it to work with me tommorow! Lovely Grub!