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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Thrifty Thursday

So tonight, I get home from work and decide to clear the fridge out.

There is one large spud, a quarter of a swede, half a turnip and some Quorn. I've got some cheese with spring onion in it, some mushrooms a yellow pepper and a couple of sticks of celery.
There is also the odd clove of garlic or two and a little jar of garlic infused olive oil.
I add in an onion borrowed from my housemate, a stock cube, a tin of canned tomatoes and some tomato puree. And then I find a jar of dried Oregano.

"What are you making?" asks my housemate Rahul. "I have no idea" I reply.

So first, I peel and chop up the root veg. I am thinking mash here. Trouble is, spuds, swede and half a turnip ain't much of a mash. So, I boil them all in the stock cube just to homogenise the flavours a bit. Then I chop everything else up and sweat it all in some olive oil and the garlic infused oil. I then lob in the Quorn and lentils.

Next, I pour over the tomatoes, squirt a bit of the puree in and then chuck in the herbs and some salt and pepper.

My housemate tastes it and suggests another stock cube and some water, so I chuck in another veg stock cube and a wine glass of water. I then cover all that and allow it all to stew down nicely. Takes about 20 mins.

When the root veg are done, I mash them with some butter and milk and spread them over the mix. I then dot the top of the mash with bits of cheese and stick it all in the oven at 200 for about 20 mins.

End Result, rather a tasty Italian style Shepherd's Pie - and very nice it is too.

And here's another nice thing. I did the whole thing in just two pots. One to boil the mash in and my utterly BRILLIANT Le Creuset casserole pot.

Best of all, it was all made with leftovers and cost me sod all. But there was enough there for a decent dinner and a goodly portion to stick into an Addis box to take to work tomorrow.

I think my mother would have been proud of me for doing that!