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Friday, 30 October 2009

I hate Halloween Soup

Who the 'ing hell decided that we were going to 'celebrate' this utterly plastic yankee doodle dandy festival anyways?

And what a waste of a bloody good pumpkin.

Here is a better idea.

Peel and de-seed the pumpkin. Chop it into quite small chunks, stick it into a bowl and give it a decent dusting of salt. Leave it for about half an hour for the salt to bring out the taste then pour in a glug of olive oil and swish it around till the chunks are all covered in oil.

Pour everything onto a baking tray and place in a hot oven. Cook until the chunks are soft and starting to turn black round the edges.

Stick the cooked chunks in a blender and cover them with organic vegetable stock. Whizz the whole lot until the soup is smooth. Check the seasoning and if you want to thin it out add more stock and whizz again.

Pour into bowls and put a swirl of cream in the middle and then take some very finely sliced pieces of ginger and sprinkle them on the surface. Stick a decent loaf of crusty bread on the table and let everyone tuck in.

And as for the candle that you would have put in the cut out pumpkin - why not throw that at the little bastards who come to your door looking for 'trick or treat'